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Electrical Repairs Nashville

Nashville homeowners has a new option for a licensed and insured Electrician that can repair any type of electrical problem. We are the go-to guys for your home or business. For years we have providing service calls to the local area. Same day or next day service. We will always make time for you.

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Electrical Panel Repair

Did you know your electrical panel has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years?

Every once in a while, before the end of its life it will need repairs. Breakers will need changed; new wiring installed etc. Everything in life needs maintenance. The service technicians at Stan The Electrician can restore power to area's of your home in no time. Call today for a free electrical panel inspection.

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Receptacle Repair

Outlet terminals become disconnected, or wires can come loose and need repair. If your outlets stop working or have burnt marks you may need a repair or a new one installed.  Keep in mind that GFCI outlets have a useable lifespan of 10 years. If you have had your home longer than that it may be time to have those inspected. GFCI outlets works by monitoring current traveling through the outlet. You can install new outlet at home yourself or if you don't feel comfortable, we are here to help.

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Recessed Lighting Installation

The finishes and styles of recessed lighting change as time goes by. With many advantages it will probably never go out of style or phase out. Making a room feel bigger and adding value to your home. Our Experts take time to perfectly place them correctly to give a room the right lighting temperature. Your Nashville home will not feel the same. If you are considering adding recessed lighting to your home give us a call today to meet with one of our designers for a free consultation.

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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Adding additional space may require upgrading your breaker box or if your electrical panel is outdated or expired. The experts at Stan The Electrician can design, build, and install you a new electrical panel in one day. Above is a before and after picture of our work and you can the difference in hiring a professional electrician.  

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation or Repair

If you have a preexisting electric vehicle charger or needing one installed starting from scratch. Stan The Electrician installs, services, and maintains EV Chargers on residential and commercial properties.

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Stan The Electrician serves the Nashville, Goodlettsville, Madison, Joelton, Hendersonville, Greenbriar, Springfield, Portland, Whites Creek, and the surrounding areas in Davidson County, Sumner County, and Robertson County Tennessee. When it comes to wiring a home, repairing an electrical panel on a commercial property, and more. There's nothing our Electricians can't do. Call today for a free consultation. Same day service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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