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Nashville Electrician

Are you searching for Nashville Electricians? You have come to the right spot! Stan has 38 years of experience, and the #1 Electrician Nashville residents can trust. Locally owned and operated small business and here to help. The owner, Stan, has experience when it comes to anything related as to why you would need an electrician.

      -  Very detailed, providing high quality work.

      -  We guarantee our workmanship for a full year after an installation or repair.

      -  Licensed and insured in Nashville TN. 

Electrical Services Offered

Over the years your home is going to need someone to plan, install, and/or maintain your homes electrical wiring system throughout your home. Working with electricity can be dangerous. It is not a job you don't want to take on yourself or to hire a local handyman. Doing it yourself, look at it this way, you'll have to spend time watching videos, buy tools and learn how to make the repair. And if you do not make the repair correctly, which is a likely event, you could damage your electrical wiring worse. Don't put yourself through the headache and stress of a bad electrical fix, call us as we try and make it as seamless and as affordable as possible as you are going to need a residential electrician Nashville. We are the best Electricians Nashville has to offer.

When it comes to services such as electrical system upgrades, lighting installations and repairs, or you just bought a new home and you're needing a ceiling fan installation, smoke detector installation, generator install (just naming a few) we are here to help! 

We will never overquote you or try and sell you something you don't need as our business model values or customers and looks forward to working to working with their family members and friends from recommendations. High quality, at and affordable rate that everyone can afford.

Before you go to looking for an,
electrician near me.

We travel on a daily basis, yes, that's right. Although we are an electrician that's located in Goodlettsville, we cover a large area from our town servicing Nashville TN, Hendersonville TN, Joelton TN, White House TN, Portland Tennessee, Gallatin TN, Madison TN, East Nashville, and the Bourdeax community in Nashville. 

   Call us today as we offer same day service, open 24-7 to Nashville's home and business owners.

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Electrical Repairs in Nashville TN.

Electrical repairs are always best left in professional hands. Make sure your electrical repairs are done safely and correctly by calling our electrical repair contractors Nashville for service.


Stan The Electrician is your local expert in repairing outlets, lighting, ceiling fans, and other residential electrical systems in Goodlettsville TN. We are fully licensed and stay on top of our continuing education training including the new systems and technologies for home electrical systems.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are great at troubleshooting. We will be able to provide you with the right electrical repair solution. There is no problem that our electricians can’t solve for you.

If you have outlets that don’t work, lights that flicker, hear a popping or sizzling sound or have any other problem, give our Nashville electricians a call for electrical repairs.

Ceiling Fan Installation

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Do you need wiring for new ceiling fans in your home? Are you having an electrical problem with an existing ceiling fan? Our electricians offer electrical repairs and installation of ceiling fans.


We find that many homeowners try to install ceiling fans themselves. Or they decide to get Uncle Mike over because he’s done some handy-work and says he can take care of it for you cheap or free.

Let us suggest instead to make sure the job is done right by hiring a professional electrician for ceiling fan repairs and installations. Once peaceful summer night long after Uncle Joe is gone, a bad install could cause the wiring to arc or spark and then catch your bedroom ceiling on fire. Make sure safety is your first priority by hiring qualified electricians for all of your electrical repairs and installations. We have installed thousands of fans across the Nashville TN area.

- Electric Vehicle Charger Installation / Repair
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Your home is the best place to charge. It’s often where your car sits the most. Why not take advantage of this by installing a Level 2 EV charger station at home? Level 2 EV chargers are up to 9x faster than the Level 1 charger that comes with EVs. A Level 2 EV charger can fully charge a 250 mile range battery overnight while a Level 1 charger, which uses a standard wall outlet, would take approximately 55 hours. Effortless Electric provides you with a Level 2 charging system that best fits your and your car’s needs—contact us today to get an estimate or ask any questions about home EV charging in Nashville. We can install yours today!

GFCI Outlet Installation or Repair Services

GFCI breakers are made to protect you and your family from electrical shock. They offer the same protection as GFCI outlets except they work along the entire circuit rather than just one outlet at a time.


Our White House TN. electricians install GFCI breakers directly into your electrical panel so all the outlets powered by that breaker are protected. The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter breaker will detect differences between the hot and neutral wires to determine the need to shut the wiring circuit off.

Let’s say you have a pool heater, for example, or just plain old wiring in your home. If the wire’s protective insulated sleeve gets old enough or wears down, the electricity can travel through the opening and along whatever conductive path it can find. This is a highly dangerous situation. GFCI breakers are a safety device that every home needs. If it’s time for electrical repairs or upgrades in your Joelton TN. home, call us today for an estimate.

We're licensed and insured Electrician, Nashville

When working with a professional, the risks are minimized. Nevertheless, it is never possible to eliminate the risks involved. This is why we protect our clients with a reliable insurance policy because we know an electrical problem would result in a house fire or even death. We just like to prepare for the worst-case scenario to you and your family safe, and we've done just that. When you hire Stan The Electrician, should anything go wrong, our insurance will cover any cost of damages. 


Were based out of Goodlettsville TN

When attempting to choose an electrician for your repair or your project, it is pertinent to choose one that is locally based. While an outside electrician may be able to get the job done, they may not care about you and your family like us. We are locally based, and staffed by professionals right here in the Nashville, Hendersonville, and Goodlettsville area. As a part of the community, it is our duty to to treat our customers like family. We go above and beyond to put a smile on your face.

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Management Companies, Electrician

We work hand in hand with management companies and rental property owners needing an electrical repair or diagnostic service. In addition to apartment, co-op and condominium management companies. Factory, industrial and warehouse managers to develop service packages that meet their needs.

We have an in-depth understanding of the unique electrical requirements and special challenges presented by your property. Your properties owners and renters will experience a limited interruption of service when you call us as we will quickly get the issue resolved.

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