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Electrician, White House Tn.

Electrical repair services white house.

If your home or business is having an electrical malfunction you can call us today. We service the White House area if you lose power to a section of your home, or the lights won't come on to your business. We can restore power within minutes.

Ceiling fan installation White House 

Stan the electrician provides ceiling fan installations and ceiling fan repair to the white house tn. area. We install from scratch and run new wiring to the fan if you don't have pre-existing electrical wiring. We have a wide variety of new fans to choose from to make your room look elegant.

EV charger installation

A EV Car charger for your home in white house needs a designated circuit. You can't plug it in to a new circuit. More the reason to call an electrician like us. We can install your new EV charger today for a low price. 

Call us today if you need an Electrician, White House TN! 

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